September Metro Missions Update

September Metro Missions Update

September Metro Missions Update

Fall colors in Kansas City

The Power Of Going

The month of September saw the passing of Sister Aleen Black. She and her husband Winfred Black left Apostolic Pentecostal Church in 1954 to establish a church in Kansas City. Because of their willingness to “go” there is a great church in Kansas City today, pastored by Stan Gleason. It was at this church, twenty-nine years later, where Crystal and her family came into the apostolic truth and their lives were forever changed. We hope to reach more families like Crystal’s and see their lives changed by the Gospel.

Service Schedule and Location

The number one question we hear is “where are you having services”? Our first location is scheduled to be at Green Springs Elementary in Olathe, KS. The school is just a half block from our home which will allow us to concentrate on our neighborhood, as well as, those immediately around us. Our current plans call for us to begin monthly “preview” services in March and “launch” weekly services in September of next year.

Before the end of October, we should have a final budget number for a portable church solution that will provide all the needed equipment to begin services at the scale we are anticipating. In future newsletters I will explain why we will be portable, as well as, the rationale behind monthly preview services and the launching of weekly services.

Green Springs Elementary in Olathe, KS

General Conference

We were blessed to be able to attend General Conference 2018 in Louisville. Our first conference as Metro Missionaries, and first time to attend without working a venue since our time as Bible college students. We were encouraged and strengthened by the wonderful services and the fellowship with friends, partners, alumni, and mentors. Due to its close proximity we were also able to visit The Ark Encounter during our trip to General Conference.

The Ark Encounter

Give And It Shall Be Given

Over the years God has often blessed us in tremendous ways. At General Conference He did it yet again. The Sunday before General Conference we made a pledge at The Life Church during their missions conference. Wednesday night during the North American Missions service we made an additional pledge to reach the cities of North America. During the altar call on Friday night of Conference I felt to go pray for one of our partners and his wife. While I was praying for them God spoke to the husband to give us a check for the exact amount of money of the two pledges we had made! Give and it shall be given!

Pray With Us

Please help us pray that:

  • God will lead us to hungry hearts that are receptive to the Gospel
  • We would walk through open doors with boldness and wisdom
  • God will provide the necessary team members to launch effectively.

For the Kingdom,