November 2018 Metro Update

November 2018 Metro Update

Revel In The Revival

National Geographic recently published an article on the best places to visit in 2019. The article lists twenty-eight places from around the globe, including interesting and exciting places such as the Peruvian Amazon, Greenland, and Oman.  Only four places in the US made the list. Kansas City came in at number ten overall and the first US city on the list. The article gives many reasons to visit but the primary reason they listed for why people should visit now: “Revel in the revival”. While the revival the article references is non-spiritual, we believe the choice of words is applicable to the great revival God wants to bring to Kansas City and that will spread throughout the world. God is up to something big and we are excited to be a small part in His plans.

Portable Church Update

In November we began raising money for our portable church equipment. Thanks to the generosity of our partners we were able to raise thirty percent of the needed funds in November. Special thanks to pastor Stan Gleason for setting the bar high with our first gift. We have to begin paying for the equipment the first of January with the final payment on the first of March.

If you would like more information or to partner with us to fulfill this vision you can do so at the following link: portable.

November Happenings

God is answering prayer for open doors and hearts! In November we were able to secure three new Bible studies and begin participating in weekly outreaches at an apartment complex. The majority of the apartment residents are Hispanic which is significant part of the community we believe God would have us reach. 

 From the beginning of our journey to Kansas City we anticipated having church youth groups come in to be a part of our six preview services. We finalized five groups to be a part of five of our six preview services. We still need the remaining weekend filled. If your church would like to be a part of any of these six preview services please let us know.

 March 17 – APC St. Louis (Pastor Willeford)

April 21 – Urshan College (President Coltharp)

May 19 – New Life St. Louis (Pastor Batchelor)

June 16 – TBD

July 21 – The Life Church of Kansas City (Pastor Gleason)

August 18 – The Sanctuary Hazelwood (Pastor Bland)

Family Update

Anthony started work at his first job at the end of November. He impressed the manager during the interview process and started a level above the normal starting position. He has already been a positive witness through his demeanor, attitude, and actions and has received questions about his faith. We are excited about this new chapter in his life and believe that God will use him to reach his coworkers with the Gospel.

Thanksgiving is always an exciting time for our family. Every year we celebrate the holiday with the Blackburn side of the family. One of the annual highlights of our time together is the food. This year we enjoyed a great combination of Cajun and traditional Thanksgiving foods. The menu included, but was not limited to, crawfish jambalaya and a Cajun marinated deep fried turkey. Surely items that will be on heaven’s menu!

 Pray With Us

Please help us pray that God will:

  • Continue to lead us to hungry hearts that are receptive to the Gospel.
  • Help us to be effective in evangelizing and discipling those we connect with.
  • Prepare and send the needed people to help us begin services.
  • Provide a Spanish speaking team member.
  • Provide the needed funds for our portable equipment solution.

  For the Kingdom,