December 2018 Metro Missions Update

December 2018 Metro Missions Update

December 2018 Metro Missions Update

Kansas City Union Station Christmas Lights

Year In Review

Two thousand eighteen was an exciting year of transition. There were many chapters that closed, and many more that opened. Through it all God has shown up right on time.

 As we reminisced about the past year, a number of areas came to the forefront. At this time last year, we were still raising money for our Metro Missions budget. There were questions that we would raise our budget and not have to travel on deputation at the end of my time at PPH. We did not have a house in Kansas City, nor did we have our house sold or even ready to be sold. Yet, God provided everything we needed at just the right time. The budget was raised, the new home found, and St. Louis home sold. And somehow, we were able to pack up all those boxes and fit them in the U-Haul!

 As we look at all the challenges that face us in the upcoming year, we are encouraged that God will once again show up right on time. We will have the needed team members, equipment, funds, strength, and favor to accomplish God’s plan. We are looking forward to it with as much joy as a kid at Christmas!

December Happenings

In December I was able to begin a couple of Bible studies with people I have established a relationship with through the Olathe Chamber of Commerce. From these relationships, one individual and also one entire family have agreed to be part of our launch team. There are a number of others in the Chamber who have expressed interests in both Bible studies and joining our launch team.

 We continued to make inroads and connections through our weekly outreach at a local apartment complex. We believe God will use this to reach many people with the Gospel.

 We also finalized a youth group for the remaining preview service and now have groups scheduled for all six them. We are extremely grateful excited to have these wonderful groups be a part of revival in Kanas City.

  •  March 17 – APC St. Louis (Pastor Willeford)
  • April 21 – Urshan College (President Coltharp)
  • May 19 – New Life St. Louis (Pastor Batchelor)
  • June 16 – The Apostolic Church of Topeka (Pastor Conn)
  • July 21 – The Life Church of Kansas City (Pastor Gleason)
  • August 18 – The Sanctuary Hazelwood (Pastor Bland)

Portable Church Update

Thanks to the generosity of our partners we were able to reach fifty percent of the needed funds for our portable church solution in December. We will begin paying for the equipment in January. The final payment will be at the beginning of March.

 If you would like more information or to partner with us to fulfill this vision you can do so at the following link: portable.

Family Update

The first semester of the Blackburn Homeschool Academy is in the books. There were many ups and downs but overall the first semester ended much better than it began. Thank you for your prayers! Just before classes ended for Christmas break we took a field trip to Union Station and dinner at Winstead’s on the Plaza; both Kansas City landmarks.

 Christmas is always an exciting time for the kids. This year they participated in Christmas events with The Life Church. All of us enjoyed spending time with family and opening gifts. For the first time in over a decade we did not have to travel out of town to see family at Christmas. Also, for the first time since December of 1994 we slept in our own beds in Kansas City at Christmas time. We are grateful to be called to the city we love!

 Since August I have been teaching Crystal’s eighty-nine year old grandmother a Bible study. She has been baptized in Jesus name and is beginning to see her need for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She recently injured herself and is in rehab. Please add her to your prayer list!

Field Trip to Kansas City local favorite Winstead’s

Field Trip to Kansas City local favorite Winstead’s

 Pray With Us

Please help us pray that God will:

  • Continue to lead us to hungry hearts that are receptive to the Gospel.
  • Help us to be effective in evangelizing and discipling those we connect with.
  • Prepare and send the needed people to help us begin services.
  • Provide a Spanish speaking team member.
  • Provide the needed funds for our portable equipment solution.

  For the Kingdom,