January 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

January 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

January 2019 Metro Missions Update

Kansas City’s Loose Park in the Winter

Divine Favor

God continues to show His favor on us! The Olathe Chamber of Commerce typically has door prizes at most of the gatherings. As of the end of January, in just over five months, I have won seven different times. Each time this happens, my name and the church name are called, thus giving publicity for the church. To give a little perspective, many people have gone for years and have never won anything. God knows how to get the word out!

On the day in early January when I was scheduled to sign the contract and make the first payment on our portable church equipment, I received a phone call out of the blue from a two-year old church plant. This church had found a permanent location in the prior year and no longer needed many of their portable church cases. The church secretary informed me that she had just found our church website and was excited about our vision. She had also visited our portable church page and wanted to help us out by selling us their cases at a greatly reduced price. We were able to save over $4,000. That money was then able to be spent on some needed equipment we did not think we could afford. God always shows up right on time! Through conversations with the pastor I discovered that in the previous months, Pentecost had broken out in what was a decidedly non-Pentecostal church.

Portable Church Update

Thanks to the generosity of our partners we were able to reach seventy-five percent of the needed funds for our portable church solution by the end of January. We made our first payment in January with the second coming in February. The final payment will be at the beginning of March.

If you would like more information or to partner with us to fulfill this vision you can do so at the following link: https://crosschurchkc.com/giving/portable.


January Happenings

During the first month of January, we were privileged to be visited by our long-time friend, Mandi McKibben. We are excited that she has agreed to lead our Children’s Ministry during our preview services, as well as, our launch service. Mandi works hard at everything she does and has a heart for children’s ministry. We are so grateful for her help.

The first Saturday of January nine young people and youth team members from The Life Church of Kansas City helped us distribute over one thousand door hangers in the area  around our initial site. We are very grateful for all of their support and for our friend Elizabeth Loyd who did the design on the door hangers!

In a partnership with some local business owners, Cross Church sponsored our second small business owner luncheon that is resulting in some great contacts and relationship building. I believe this will also begin to bear evangelistic fruit in the near future.

Business Owner Luncheon

Anthony and I were privileged to attend Because of the Times, as a father-son trip, this year. It was a first for him. He was able to reconnect with friends, and spend some needed time drawing close to God during the pk services. The whole conference was greatly edifying and uplifting.

Near the end of the month we were able to spend some time with Brother and Sister Hillhouse at the Chuy’s in Olathe, which is one of my favorite restaurants. Brother Hillhouse serves as the Kansas District Secretary and they pastor in Fort Scott, Kansas. They have been extremely kind to us since we have been in the Kansas District. We are grateful for their friendship.

Enjoying great food and fellowship at Chuy’s

Pray with Us

Please help us pray for the following needs:

  • That God will continue lead us to hungry hearts that are receptive to the Gospel.
  • That God will help us to be effective in evangelizing and discipling those we connect with.
  • That God would prepare and send the needed Apostolic people to help us begin services.
  • That God would provide a Spanish speaking team member.
  • About whether God would have you partner with us for the needed funds for our equipment.

For the Kingdom,