July 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

July 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

Loose Park in Kansas City

Let Freedom Ring

In July we celebrated our one year anniversary of arriving onsite to plant a church. Over the first year we have not seen all that we hoped to see and accomplish. However, the foundation of relationships, Bible studies, and spiritual interactions will allow us to see God accelerate the growth of Cross Church in the next few weeks and months. July also marked the first Independence Day we celebrated in Olathe. More importantly we are beginning to see people find freedom in Jesus Christ! This is why we followed the call of God to Olathe! We can’t wait to see how many people God will set free between now and the next Independence Day!

July Preview Service

In July we had a large group of youth and adults come from The Life Church of Kansas City to help out and be a part of our preview service. They were a tremendous blessing and help. We are grateful that Pastor Gleason allowed and encouraged them to be a part of our preview service. Due to the size of the group from TLC we had our largest attendance to date. We also had our largest number of first time non-Apostolic guests  on that Sunday as well.

July Preview Service

At the conclusion of the service we were blessed to baptize Gene and Suze! They had both recently been through a Bible study on baptism and saw the need to be baptized in Jesus’ name.

Gene and Suze Being Baptized

We are so grateful for all of the ministry teams that have been a part of our preview services. A ministry team from The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, Missouri is coming to be with us for our final preview service on August 18.

Family Update

In July Crystal and I celebrated our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. It was the first time we celebrated an anniversary as residents of Kansas City. We are ecstatic to be back in the place where our relationship first began fulfilling the call of God.

For a number of months our family has participated in outreach at a local apartment complex. We were able to increase our involvement in July due to the residents being out of school for the summer. We are anticipating the day when our disciple making efforts begin to result in these children being born again!

Our nephew in Indiana was married in July. Not only were we able to be a part of the celebration, but we were able to visit numerous friends and missions partners on the trip. We are grateful for everyone who is partnering with us in prayer and finances. Without you none of what is being accomplished in Olathe would be possible!

Our Nephew’s Wedding
Lunch With Our Good Friend and Partner – Sheila

It Takes A Team

If you know of anyone looking for opportunity to do ministry or participate in church planting we would be grateful if you would prayerful consider sharing this opportunity with them. For more information please visit: http://crosschurchkc.com/team

Pray With Us

Please help us pray that God will:

  • Lead us to hungry hearts.
  • Help us increase the number of Bible studies.
  • Help us to be effective in making disciples.
  • Send the needed team members.
  • Provide a Spanish speaking team member.

For the Kingdom,