August 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

August 2019 Metro Missions Newsletter

Ministry Team from The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, Missouri
Ministry Team from The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, Missouri

This month’s update is brought to you by the Metro Missionary’s wifey, because the Metro Missionary hubby is too busy.

For all of you who know Mark personally, you know that he hit the ground running! No transition time needed! Forward march! 

He quickly involved himself throughout the community in multiple ways. Joined the Chamber of Commerce, involved the whole family in a local community mission (my personal favorite), went through training for hospital chaplaincy, followed up on contacts given to him by others, and explored many other possible ways to connect with people.

It’s difficult to keep track of him. But he still makes time for his family! 
As for the rest of us, we might still be working on getting our new rhythm. Homeschool is not for the faint of heart! But all is smoother than this time last year. And we are incredibly excited about what God is doing here in Olathe!

August Preview Service

Storm Youth from The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, Missouri came to help with our August preview service. They were our largest missions team and were a huge help! This was the fastest we have ever passed out door hangers! I was especially delighted to see the eagerness of many of these young people to help with set up and tear down on Sunday. I’m pretty sure there are future church planters in this group!

Mark preached on healing, and shared an incredible testimony of a man he met through the Chamber of Commerce, named Dan, who experienced a miraculous healing several years ago. It was a moving story and there was a strong presence of God’s Spirit.

Dan has expressed a desire to be baptized in Jesus’ name. We hope to do that in September. Please pray that God continues to work in Dan’s life.

One precious young lady received a beautiful touch from God’s Spirit. It was her first time in a Pentecostal service. Please pray that she will continue to be hungry for more of God!

Being a part of the community mission has given us the opportunity to build relationships with some wonderful kids at a local apartment complex. As stated earlier, this is one of my favorite things to be involved in. These kids are easy to love! And the boys are especially fond of Mark and Anthony. Anna has made a very special friend with one of the girls her age as well. In August we were able to take a group of them to a children’s rally put on by the General Children’s Ministry UPCI. Please pray and believe with us that these kids will experience the new birth, become grounded in a walk with God, and even feel a call to ministry!

Celebrating My Grandma’s 90th Birthday

Mark has been giving my grandmother a weekly Bible study. She was baptized in Jesus name many years ago, but still needs to receive the Holy Ghost. Please pray and believe with us that she will receive the Holy Ghost soon!

Pray With Us

Please be praying for our launch service on September 15. This will be the start of weekly Sunday services.

Please help us pray that God will:

  • Lead us to hungry hearts.
  • Help us increase the number of Bible studies.
  • Help us to be effective in making disciples.
  • Send the needed team members.
  • Provide a Spanish speaking team member.

For the Kingdom,