September – November 2019 Metro Newsletter

September – November 2019 Metro Newsletter

Launch Sunday September 15

September, October and November were a whirlwind of activity as we prepared for launch and started weekly services. The number one question we get from people these days is “How are things going?”. Having never planted a church before that is often a difficult question to answer as we have no personal frame of reference. Some days it is two steps forward and one step back. Other days it is one step forward and two steps back. Regardless of the day God is always good, faithful, and comes through right on time! 

We held our launch service on September 15. Ten days before launch Josh, Ruth, and Nadia Batchelor moved to town to help with the church launch. They had been trying to move for over a year. God provided the right job just in time! That same day we went from no worship leaders to two. Pastor Cedric Austin, who is planting a church in Parkville, MO, agreed to come over on the Sundays he was not holding services to lead worship. On the same day Brother Gleason arranged for Kim Hooker from The Life Church to come over when needed. God always comes through right on time.

Batchelor Family
Cedric Austin and Urshan Leading Worship
Kim Hooker Leading Worship

Launch Sunday

Launch Sunday was a great day on many fronts. We had a good crowd with many wonderful friends that came for the service. Among them were The Buie family and the Hobson family. Brother Hobson played an integral role through the Metro Missions application process for which we are grateful. Urshan College sent us a great group of students that helped lead in worship and work the altars. At the conclusion of the service we had one person who was baptized that day and received the Holy Ghost in the baptistry.

Dan Being Baptized On Launch Sunday

Connecting With People

God has been connecting us with many wonderful people. A Kenyan family saw our church signs one Sunday and contacted us. They had been looking for a Spirit-filled church that allowed freedom to worship and expected God to move in service. We connected with another family who had Pentecostal roots. The lady had received the Holy Ghost in the UPC church in Liberty, MO fifteen years ago. Her husband, who is from India, had received the Holy Ghost as a teenager in India. We were able to establish a strong connection with them and their three young boys. We also had connected with a young lady through our apartment outreach. She is helping us with nursery and has been faithfully bringing her siblings and cousin.

After launch service we began a series entitled “Overcoming The Fall”. In addition to being a play on words with the fall season, it was designed to set up the need for salvation and to culminate in bringing in an evangelist to reap a harvest. On October 27th evangelist Jesse Cornejo preached for us. We had six people receive the Holy Ghost for the first time that Sunday! I also received a text the next morning, from a man I had been giving a Bible study to. He said he was ready to be baptized! We were privileged to baptize Terry on November 17th!

God continues to connect us with people who are hungry and open to the Gospel.  There are many more to come!

Terry Being Baptized on November 17
Launch Sunday Altar Call
Launch Service Meal With Friends
Buie Family Visiting On Launch Weekend
Soccer with Kids From Our Apartment Outreach
Post-Soccer McDonald’s With Kids from our Apartment Outreach
First Small Group At Cross Church
November Bonfire with the Youth Connected With Cross Church

We are so thankful for all that God is doing and for you, our partners in the Gospel, who are making this possible! We are looking forward to being able to share many more great reports of God’s work in Olathe, Kansas City, and beyond!

Lord willing we will have another newsletter out next week!

Pray With Us

Please help us pray that God will:

  • Lead us to hungry hearts.
  • Help us increase the number of Bible studies.
  • Help us to be effective in making disciples.
  • Send the needed team members.
  • Provide a Spanish speaking team member.

For the Kingdom,