Portable Church

Portable Church

We are excited that you are considering partnering with Cross Church Kansas City to purchase the needed equipment for us to be a portable church. We believe that for the initial stage of our journey being portable is what God would have us do.

There are several reasons why we are choosing to be portable. Here are a few of them:

  • Being portable is a cheaper option than a twenty-four/seven lease or purchasing a building.
  • Being portable will allow flexibility to change locations much quicker if growth makes that necessary.
  • Being portable will create more opportunity for more people to serve in the church. (The converse of course is that you have to have more people to serve.)
  • Being portable emphasizes that the church is not a building; it is the people.
  • Being portable will cause us to be more missional.

In order to launch effectively we have chosen a portable church solution through Portable Church Industries(PCI). After much research we decided this was the best stewardship option. The PCI packages will minimize the time needed for set up and tear down which will save money on facility rental time as well as keep volunteers from burning out. Additionally, the PCI solutions are cased and package in such a way that the equipment will be protected better and therefore last longer than a la carte solutions.

The costs to purchase the solution that we need to launch at the needed level for our community is $50,000. While the cost is significant this solution will provide all of the needed audio, visual, music, children’s ministry, and guest services equipment that is needed. If at some point we move to a permanent facility we will be able to use this equipment to plant additional churches to accomplish our vision of reaching Kansas City.

To help accomplish our mission and vision we are looking for partners to give at the suggested levels:

  • 3 partners at $5,000
  • 25 partners at $1,000
  • 20 partners at $500

If you cannot give at the above levels or just choose to give a different amount please know that we welcome any gift.

Thank you for your partnership and joining in God’s mission to reach the people of Kansas City with the message of the Cross.