It Takes A Team

An Apostolic church plant has many needs and many opportunities to serve. Because it is critical that we stay true to our identity some roles can only be filled by Apostolics. Teaching ministries for all levels, including children’s ministry requires people who have been born again and are fully committed to the Apaotolic faith. Anyone who participates in platform ministry must have also experienced the new birth and are committed to growing in the Apostolic faith. It takes Apostolics to make Apostolics!

Established churches will at times offer to send helpers to a new church plant for services or events. While this has certain benefits, and is always greatly appreciated, it is not optimal. Church plants need the people helping on Sunday to be reaching people through out the week. Individuals who live outside of the church plant area can’t effectively reach people who will be likely to attend the church plant. Additionally, if the fill-in helpers are members of another Apostolic church their primary evangelistic focus will be their home church.

As a church plant Cross Church Kansas City needs additional Apostolics to partner with us as onsite members to help effectively launch this new church. The more committed Apostolics at the beginning the faster the new church plant will grow!

If you have a passion and desire to be involved in local missions, and you have your pastor’s permission, we would love to dialogue with you about joining our team and our mission to reach the people of Kansas City with the message of the cross.

We need Apostolics who have one or more of the following passions or talents:

  • Singing
  • Music
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Prayer
  • Guests Services

If you are interested, please contact us at the email or phone number below: